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PT Alston Nabindo is a material supplier company for various industries. Ferrous and Non-ferrous Round Bar, Hollow Bar, and Plate Bar are provided in various types and sizes.

“The higher quality of the material used, the higher quality of the product produced”. Due to this, we only sell international standard materials equipped with its mill certificate. Thus, we can guarantee that the composition and the other mechanical properties are based on international standards.

PT Alston Nabindo is established in Jakarta and now is expanding to Surabaya. Jakarta’s office is supplying material for Sumatra Island, Central Java, and West Java. On the other hand, Surabaya office is supplying for Kalimantan Island, Sulawesi Island, east Java, and other east part of Indonesia. Hopefully, in a few years, PT Alston Nabindo could be expanded into other island because of the increasing trend of metal needs every year.

PT Alston Nabindo also provides the service of processing the material into finish goods based on product sample or drawing. Producing various types of gear and spare parts including mining spare parts are also our specialties. The maximum dimension of the gear could produce are 1000 mm for the height and 3500 for the diameter.



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